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Why it works for Ben

"I've owned a Fitbit for a year. At first it was really cool, I got instant feedback on my activity, but over a few months that just wore off. I always thought there was a more engaging and useful way to use this data and the guys at LEAP4LIFE nailed it. They've brought my data to life."

Ben, Fitness Fan, 26

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Why it works for Michelle

"My lifestyle had caught up with me. I had a really unsettling doctor visit last spring: I was a candidate for type 2 diabetes. I had to find a way to get active fast, but I just didn’t know where to start.

When I came across LEAP4LIFE, I just knew it was perfect for me."

Michelle, Nurse, 43.

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Why it works for Peter

"I got a fitness device for Christmas. I tried it for a while, but quickly lost interest. I'm an outdoors guy and I would say I'm in good shape, so it wasn't telling me anything new. I didn't think about it until my work brought in a wellness program and the engagement component was LEAP4LIFE.

The integration of my fitness data with LEAP4LIFE is amazing – I'm totally hooked."

Peter, Engineer, 56

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Why it works for Chrissy

"I was looking for something that took a holistic approach to health and fitness. I believe in good food, regular exercise and keeping my body and mind in tune. People call me a modern day hippy, but the truth is I also see technology as a friend. I looked at a number of fitness apps and they just count steps. LEAP4LIFE provides me with an experience, a bigger picture and connections with like-minded people to make a difference to myself, and the wider community."

Chrissy, Health Conscious, 28

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Why it works for Andrea

"I'd tried everything to get fit! Nothing worked until LEAP4LIFE. I joined gyms and bought too many home fitness gadgets that just ended up under my bed. Life always seemed to get in the way of my good intentions.

Then I found LEAP4LIFE, it works around my life and I'm finally getting results. I love it!"

Andrea, Working Mother, 37

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Ben, 26

Device fatigue...

Michelle, 43

Health concerns...

Peter, 56

Cash incentives...

Chrissy, 28

Health conscious...

Andrea, 37

I'd tried everything...

Whatever your story...

Whatever your story, the LEAP4LIFE experience is customized for you.

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How is this possible?

LEAP4LIFE works because of a simple truth - you want to get healthy and companies want to market their excellent products and services to people exactly like you.

LEAP4LIFE events and financial rewards are sponsored by ethical, health-loving companies and retailers. What do they get in return? Simple - they get to talk to you, their primary audience - and that's why it’s FREE to join the LEAP4LIFE revolution!

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A proven solid foundation

LEAP4LIFE has been managing corporate wellness programs around the world for 4 years, proving that financial rewards drive personal fitness motivation and get results. Finally the LEAP4LIFE fitness experience is open and available to everyone!

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