Our Beginnings

LEAP4LIFE was formed in 2010 to bring exciting new advances to population health and revolutionize health prevention strategies. We've led the way in new types of health engagement as the first company to introduce concepts like biometric tracking from third party devices, gamification, a reward and incentives program for users and social components.

LEAP4LIFE was such a paradigm shift in the stale and obsolete wellness market that the company found itself way ahead of the market at launch. With the global economic climate at historic lows, LEAP4LIFE took a giant risk and entered the Australian market, which was on stronger economic footing and had an increased interest in corporate wellness.

In Australia, LEAP4LIFE was soon taken up by two of the country's leading brands, one in Financial Services, Banking and Insurance and Australia's largest retailer. Our innovative systems manage key KPIs in these organizations powering proving its effectiveness in sustained engagement.

In 2013 the founders recognized the raise in consumer interest is health and fitness technology. A new plan began to emerge a transition plan to develop a new pathway. A Plan that focuses, not on preaching the standard wellness pitch, but speaking about how health and wellbeing is the foundation from which all performance becomes possible. What LEAP4LIFE discovered was the key to personal relevance. Each of us, are unique creatures, full of hopes and possibilities. It is our personal uniqueness, which LEAP4LIFE wants to represent, a method to stay physically, mentally and emotionally well, as the enabler of possibilities.

LEAP4LIFE is an Innovator

The dynamic tools we develop are making competitors offerings obsolete as we deliver the technology and techniques that make health and wellbeing a foundation of increased power and capacity at the user and organizational level.