LEAP4LIFE and Andrea

Andrea, Working Mother, 37

LEAP4LIFE member since March, 2012.


I'd tried everything to get fit! Nothing worked until LEAP4LIFE. I joined gyms and bought too many home fitness gadgets that just ended up under my bed. My work and family are all consuming - you can't believe the frustration and stress of not following through on something that's really important to me. Life always seemed to get in the way of my good intentions. Then I found LEAP4LIFE, it works around my life and I'm finally getting results. I love it!

Why it works for me

LEAP4Life just fits in with my 'always on the run' life. Work, family, commuting, community stuff, girlfriends - you name it I'm trying to fit it all in. The virtual world of LEAP4LIFE is just great. Groups like the 'Busy Mum’s Club' keep me motivated – I'm not the only one facing this struggle. Being a part of this group is fun, social (without the pressure) and importantly it keeps me going.

I get in my exercise when I can and somehow it just all adds up. I used to get cranky that I couldn't get to the gym, now I just fit it all in and I'm looking better than ever. My goal was to lose 30 pounds and I'm well on the way – but more importantly I'm more determined than ever to get there!

What I was looking for

  • Something that could fit around my life
  • Something that could get me active when I don’t have a lot of time
  • Something social, where I could have the support of a group

I now have new friends in time zones all over the planet. No one is on a schedule, we all just want to get fitter and healthier. I love seeing everyone's photos of recent activities they've done. Plus no one tells me what I should be doing or nags me: I can see the results for myself.

For me, LEAP4LIFE keeps me engaged and motivated. It's so much more rewarding and enjoyable than anything I've tried before. Plus my FitWell Points keep adding up for some great cash rewards too.

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