Ben, Fitness Fan, 26

LEAP4LIFE member since July, 2013.


I've owned a Fitbit for a year. At first it was really cool, I got instant feedback on my activity, but over a few months that just wore off. I always thought there was a more engaging and useful way to use this data and the guys at LEAP4LIFE nailed it. They’ve brought my data to life.

Why it works for me

First of all LEAP4LIFE makes my data valuable. I love the fact that I get real cash for sponsored virtual events, like the Hawaii Eco-Challenge race. Set timeframe, long distance and plenty of good competition. Those cash incentives and rewards make me push myself even harder. I always want to be at the top of the event leader board.

The LEAP4LIFE concept of gamification is light years ahead of everyone else. I can set myself personal challenges or challenge my running buddies to a one-on-one winner get’s all competition – or better still challenge my girl friend!

What I was looking for

  • Something that would make my fitness data interesting again
  • Something to keep me challenging harder
  • Some real competition

There are so many great event options in LEAP4LIFE - Bounce, Jump and Leap events. Some I can do as an individual, for other’s I need a team. There’s always something new to keep me motivated and pushing to the next level. If I’ve achieved a personal challenge I collect an achievement badge, and there’s also virtual trophies to collect for place getting at events. It gets pretty addictive pretty quickly!

I've built a big network of runners from around the world thanks to LEAP4LIFE. So if one of my local friends isn’t game for a challenge, I can always find someone who’s up for it. Plus all of those FitWell Points add up pretty quickly and then I can convert them to real cash rewards. New runners – hell yes!

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