LEAP4LIFE brand sponsorship

What's The Deal?

LEAP4LIFE offers marketers, brand managers, publishers and retailers the perfect way to surprise, impress and evolve with a massive consumer audience. Connect with millions of health consious participants in a fresh, new way that really works.

The Market

Our users are active, social, highly motivated consumers. Their lifestyle interests range from food, fashion, entertainment to technology. LEAP4LIFE is a community of strivers - achievers in every sense of the word - from self to community and planet.

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The Strategy

Attract this influential audience through unique engagement techniques only available in a virtual connected world of LEAP4LIFE. Be "held up" by our community, your target audience, daily.

Product Placement

Your products and services will appear all over the LEAP4LIFE platform - profiles, news feeds, events, referrals and groups.

Targeted Marketing

Get your brand in front of a key market - the healthy living consumer - and find out more about your customer profile in the process.

Greater Visibility

Have an active promo team champion your brand. Each sponsored event or person offers endless publicity potential.

Ben, 26 Fitness Fan
Ben is an active, tech-savvy lifestyle consumer.
Peter, 56 Engineer
Peter is a senior corporate executive whose lifestyle reflects his financial sophistication.
Andrea, 37 Working Mother
Andrea is a working wife & mother with an interest in travel, cooking, and technology.
Chrissy, 28 Health Conscious
Chrissy is an advocate for sustainable healthy living.
Michelle, 43 Nurse
Michelle is a transformational consumer, investing in a brand new lifestyle.


The LEAP4LIFE community is home to millions of potential customers.

How It Works

  • Advertise to a large, active, lucrative consumer group.
  • Gain access to participants by sponsoring virtual actviity events, like a 10K.
  • Engage consumers by sponsoring activities, challenges and trials.
  • Excite users to sample and review your products with prizes.
  • Reward purchases with points and/or personal sponsorship.

Why It Works

  • LEAP4LIFE builds brand luster. When a brand sponsors active healthy living activities and behaviors, it brings the brand promise to live.
  • Builds smart effective campaigns through a pay for performance technique. Brands never pay out sponsor points without full and complete engagement by the member.
  • Member opt-in provides brands with 100% consumer confidence on privacy and security. Members never enter or earn points without their complete permission and engagement.

Find Out More

LEAP4LIFE is the first marketing platform to leverage the massive popularity of the connected fitness consumer. We give you direct access to the increasing number of people measuring their health and fitness data. Tens of millions of consumers are using wearable devices to track their progress every day. Reach them with LEAP4LIFE.

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"LEAP4LIFE is an invaluable marketing tool. We got to place our products directly in front of our defined target audience on numerous occasions. We've definitely seen an increase in sales as a result."