LEAP4LIFE and Chrissy

Chrissy, Health Conscious, 28

LEAP4LIFE member since October, 2013.


I was looking for something that took a holistic approach to health and fitness. I believe in good food, regular exercise and keeping my body and mind in tune. People call me a modern day hippy, but the truth is I also see technology as a friend. I looked at a number of fitness apps and they just count steps. LEAP4LIFE provides me with an experience, a bigger picture and connections with like-minded people to make a difference to myself, and the wider community.

Why it works for me

LEAP4LIFE connects with so many great things happening in the wider community. Like September's challenge of taking 10,000 steps per day for 28 days whilst raising funds for Cerebral Palsy – I wouldn’t have heard about that if it hadn't come up in my LEAP4LIFE feed. LEAP4LIFE allows me to do exercise which is good for me, but also link my efforts with something that is good for others.

Even though I try to stay well in the broadest meaning of the word, it's easy to get out of balance every now and then. I get busy and miss a few things, and pretty soon I can feel it. I love that LEAP4LIFE helps me keep on track. Especially the everyone’s experience photos keep me motivated. It’s great seeing what other LEAP4LIFE folk have been up to, like the recent ‘Go hiking with a Friend's event photos.

What I was looking for

  • Something that would allow me to give back to the community
  • Something that would link me to other like minded people
  • Something that supports my health and wellbeing efforts

Also, in LEAP4LIFE your FitWell Points (calculated based on my Jawbone data) can be redeemed for cash – or you can nominate a charity that then receives your cash rewards instead. Brilliant – I've got a bunch of causes I’m passionate about supporting and I can do that whilst also looking after my own wellbeing.

It's not all just about walking either – there's inspiration to do with yoga and meditation too, all the things I'm looking for in my balanced wellbeing approach.

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