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It's about Performance!

85% of CEOs believe wellness/wellbeing within their organization matters, but only 20% adopt it as a business practice. The gap is the skepticism that these programs don’t work as intended. The fact is the majority fail, after 40 days.

The fatal flaw, is the lack of personal relevance, which emerges as lack of engagement.

Wellbeing isn't a "program" any more than sales, operations, or customer service is. Wellbeing is the foundation to every proposition the company makes.

It is not just about health risks anymore. It is about optimizing personal performance.

It is People Analytics

Technology and Internet Economy organizations like Google, Facebook or Qualcomm see people as their unique value proposition and build their business on the "innovation, creativity, critical thinking, problem solving" of a healthy, high-energy, optimistic talented workforce.

When wellbeing is approached as a performance enhancement process, it takes on an entirely new proposition and becomes highly relevant across the entire population.

Culture & Wellbeing

LEAP4LIFE is designed for the "Smart, Creative" workforce and our system is personalized to these user's unique needs and engages with personal relevance.

The high performance cultures are competitively demanding stress mills. Being physically, mentally and emotionally well is just a baseline for top performers.

LEAP4LIFE fuses together these polar opposites of competitive cultures and personal wellbeing, and is the effective way to secure and maintain success.

Competitive Advantage

Proven international success in enhancing health, motivating workforces and increasing performance has meant LEAP4LIFE is at the forefront of creating competitive advantage and building positive organizational culture.

If you want to get something different, you need to do something different.

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