LEAP4LIFE How it works

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Get started for free and get rewarded for taking an active role in managing your health.

  1. Sync your devices
  2. Set your goals
  3. Track your activity

Events & Challenges

Earn points by joining events, or challenging yourself and your friends.

  1. Events
    –Bounce –Jump –Leap
  2. Challenges
    – Challenge yourself
    – Challenge your friends

Earn Rewards and Cash

It pays to be healthy.

Points can be earned by tracking your activity, challenging yourself or getting engaged in our events and community.

Sync your Devices

Get Started for Free!

LEAP4LIFE is compatible with most tracking devices on the market including Fitbit ® and Jawbone ®. Start syncing now and turn your fitness activity and healthy living behaviors into great rewards.

Don't have a device? Download the free Moves app or enter your activity yourself.

Set your Goals

Complete your profile by setting primary and secondary goals

Maybe you want to run the New York City Marathon but you have to get through your first 5K first. Or you want to lose 10 pounds but your real aim is to increase your strength. Whatever you want to achieve, setting primary and secondary goals is a proven habit of people who successfully change behaviors for the long haul. Also, challenging yourself is a great way to earn points while working to be the best you can be.

You can also add health data for a more complete picture of who your overall health. This allows LEAP4LIFE support who you are and who you want to be.

Join Events

Bounce. Jump. Leap.

Join a virtual event like one of our great races and track your activity to reach your team’s goal. Or challenge your friend to a little competition. Activity counts towards your goals whether walking with a friend or entering a 10K race. We help you get there with categories of events to fit your needs.

  • Bounce Events: Ideal when you have limited time, Bounce events are a fast, effective way to stay active and earn some points.
  • Jump Events: Earn more points with events that need a bit more time and tracked activity to reach your goals.
  • Leap Events: Challenge yourself to beat your personal best and to beat your competition. These events provide the highest level of potential points and a great feeling of accomplishment.

Track your Activity

Earn points for all your activity.

Everything you do can earn points and get rewarded. LEAP4LIFE connects with leading technologies such as Fitbit ®, Jawbone ® and Moves app, or manually enter your workouts to track how well you are doing.

Earn Rewards & Cash

It Pays to be Healthy

Earn points by completing your profile, syncing a device, social interactions and tracking your data. Pretty soon you’ll be able to redeem hard earned points on valuable rewards from leading health and fitness brands, get cool products or exchange for cash. You earned it!