LEAP4LIFE and Michelle

Michelle, Nurse, 43

LEAP4LIFE member since February, 2014


My lifestyle had caught up with me. I had a really unsettling doctor visit last spring: I was a candidate for type 2 diabetes. I had to find a way to get active fast, but I just didn’t know where to start. I have young children and I've got to be there for them. I had been setting a pretty poor example and I said that was going to stop right now. I was going to learn to move.

Why it works for me

Getting active had been hard. I'm a nurse and work crazy shifts, work pressure is all consuming and food is fast. What worked for me? Well, LEAP4LIFE gave me a way to be accountable to me! I guess it has become my conscious that keeps sparking me with gentle reminders to stay engaged and to keep trying. The Community tips and motivation are just perfect and keep me on track: sometimes you need a pep talk after a long day.

What I was looking for

  • A long term solution to get me healthy again and help me lose weight
  • Something that was achievable
  • Something that was cheap or even better for free

With LEAP4LIFE I can work at my own pace and set myself achievable step goals. The Fitness Zone system works so well, it means I'm competing against people who are at a similar level to me. I've even achieved best of my class a few times!

Best thing though is, it's not only free, but you can also earn some extra cash! LEAP4LIFE FitWell Points add up and convert into rewards! Every month there's a new bonus in my letterbox, which really helps make ends meet. So not only have I found something that's free – it actually pays me to be healthy! I love it and my doctor is really happy with my progress.

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