LEAP4LIFE and Peter

Peter, Engineer, 56

LEAP4LIFE member since August, 2011.


I got a fitness device for Christmas. I tried it for a while, but quickly lost interest. I'm an outdoors guy and I would say I'm in good shape, so it wasn't telling me anything new. I didn't think about it until my work brought in a wellness program and the engagement component was LEAP4LIFE. The integration of my fitness data with LEAP4LIFE is amazing – I'm totally hooked.

Why it works for me

It was great to get involved in the team challenges. I've never really been a team sports guy but the excitement in the company really caught everyone up, even me! People came together to help the team in races like the Great Race New Zealand. I saw people who never talk at the office helping each other to achieve our goal. As a manager I have to say that's a great thing.

A few months ago we added some cash incentives to keep everyone motivated and have a bit of fun. Yes - we're actually paying people to get healthy. Why? Simple - healthy workers are more productive and that positively affects our bottom line. We're even going to challenge some of our suppliers to one of the 28-day competitions. I'm telling the staff that we better win!

What I was looking for

  • LEAP4LIFE was recommended by HR as part of a wellness program
  • Something that brought my fitness data to life
  • Something that builds teamwork in our company

For me, I got hooked pretty quickly. I love that LEAP4LIFE recognizes what I like to do and that things like hiking on the weekend gets points for the team and for me. I can also redeem FitWell Points for cash rewards. I'm planning on really challenging myself and seeing if I can earn some new fishing lures.

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