It pays to be healthy

You want to be active and you want to be rewarded for your hard work. LEAP4LIFE users can earn FitWell points for their fitness and health efforts which can be redeemed for cash gift cards.

Earning Points

It's simple. At LEAP4LIFE you're rewarded for the work you put in.

Points come in two categories: Participating in the LEAP4LIFE community earns you Status Points and participating in events earns you FitWell Points.

FitWell Points are redeemable for Gift Cards. So get started now and start earning!

  • The more you put in, the more you earn.
  • So set up, get active and enjoy the benefits.

Spending Points

As soon as you earn enough FitWell Points you can go to Your Rewards page and cash these in for gift cards that can be spent just about anywhere!

Maybe get those sneakers you've had your eye on, or equipment to take your activity to a new level.

If anyone asks, tell them you earned it. It's your reward so spend it as you wish!

Earn and Redeem FitWell Points

LEAP4LIFE rewards your activity. Earn FitWell points for your efforts as you strive to reach your fitness goals. There are many ways you can earn FitWell Points, as well as increasing your Status Level quickly and easily. Your activity and effort should be rewarded. Below are the many ways and opportunities to make a start.

Remember, we work with you to get you to where you want to be.

2,500 FitWell Points = $25

5,000 FitWell Points = $50

10,000 FitWell Points = $100

15,000 FitWell Points = $150

The redemption experience

Complete your First Event - An easy 50 FitWell Points

A simple challenge shows how good it feels to be rewarded for your fitness efforts. When you start with LEAP4LIFE your first event will also earn you your first 50 FitWell points.

Participating in Events

Whether it's walking, running, cycling, hiking, swimming or indoor fitness you're into - there's a LEAP4LIFE event to match your passion. Our Events page has great activities for all fitness levels, join an individual or team event.

The Great Race

A highlight in the LEAP4LIFE events calendar are always the Great Races. Cool virtual 40 day races where you get to experience stunning places around the world. Set yourself a big challenge, see where you make it on the leader board and earn plenty of FitWell points in the process!

Invite Friends

Make LEAP4LIFE even more fun by inviting your buddies. Get points for every friend you invite who signs up for LEAP4LIFE and completes their first easy 'newbie' event.

Status points and your status level

Increase your earning potential even further with Status Points! The higher your Status Level in the LEAP4LIFE community the higher your FitWell Point conversion rate. Think of it this way - we reward you for your ongoing efforts.

Your Status Level increases the more Status Points you accumulate. With points up for grabs for being socially active in the LEAP4LIFE community, remember to post comments, share photos of your recent event experiences, join groups and more.

As a member you earn the following bonus per level:

  • Explorer = 0% bonus points
  • Bronze = 12.5% bonus points
  • Silver = 25% bonus points
  • Gold = 37.5% bonus points
  • Diamond = 50% bonus points.

How to advance your status level:

  • Explorer = 0+ points earned
  • Bronze = 100,000+ points earned
  • Silver = 250,000+ points earned
  • Gold = 500,000+ points earned
  • Diamond = 1,000,000+ points earned